ATG Real Estate Transfer Ordinances

A real estate transfer ordinance defines the fees and requirements that are imposed by a given municipality every time there is a transfer of title to real property, or an Assignment of Beneficial Interest (A.B.I.) in a land trust. Some transfers are exempt by statute; however, many municipalities require that an exempt stamp be obtained or purchased for exempt transfers.

State, County, and municipal stamps (where applicable) must be affixed to the deed or A.B.I. before the document can be recorded. Below is a list of state, county, and municipal requirements for obtaining transfer stamps. As you will see from the list, some municipalities have requirements (final water readings and property inspections) that must be complied with before they will issue a transfer stamp.

NOTE: The closer must have any applicable municipal stamps prior to disbursement.

To view the transfer tax and inspection information for a given municipality, scroll down the alphabetical list in the window below and select a municipality. Click the municipality name to view its information. Purchase City of Chicago stamps through EZ Dec. ATG does not obtain applicable stamps for other municipalities.

ATG Members: If you have questions, updates for a municipality on our list, or information on any additional municipalities that impose a transfer tax, please contact the ATG Legal Department.


The municipality information here is current as of the date noted on its page but may not be all inclusive. Contact the Village Hall of the specific municipality to confirm or to receive the most up-to-date information.

This information is collected and maintained by Attorneys' Title Guaranty Fund, Inc. (ATG) for use by its members and selected others in the profession.