The Trusted Adviser
January - February 2015 | Volume 8 · Number 1


2014 Annual Update from the CEO

Peter Birnbaum presented his annual update to employees in the Chicago and Champaign offices. With packed rooms and staff from remote offices joining via conference call, Peter summarized highlights and challenges from the current year, a snapshot of the industry, photos from our 50th anniversary celebrations, and goals for the future. He always starts the session with, "Hi...I'm Peter," then asks everyone to do the same, plus mention how long they've been with ATG. The round of introductions calls to attention one of the hallmarks of ATG staff: longevity. About 15% have been with ATG 20 years or more, and more than 20% have been here 10 years or more. Those statistics are not common! His ease with the crowd and the shared affinity are apparent. This year he told the story of his 1981 job interview at ATG, having borrowed a suit from his dad...only to arrive and find that the person interviewing him didn't remember setting up the appointment. Lucky for us, he got the job anyway. View Peter's PowerPoint presentation.

Jerry Gorman, Senior Vice President, introduces Peter Birnbaum, CEO – noting that Peter recently received the Illinois Bar Foundation’s highest honor, the Distinguished Award for Excellence.


ATG President and CEO Peter Birnbaum speaking at the Champaign office on December 16, 2014.


 Champaign employees crowded into the library to hear Peter’s presentation.

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