ATG Name Change and Loan Modification and Date Down Endorsements

Whenever an existing ATG loan or owner policy is to be updated either by means of a mortgage modification endorsement (either the ALTA 11 Mortgage Modification Endorsement (Advocus form 2105-21), ALTA 11.1 Mortgage Modification with Subordination Endorsement (Advocus form 2149-21), or ALTA 11.2 Mortgage Modification with Additional Amount of Insurance Endorsement (Advocus form 2145-21)) or a date down endorsement (Advocus form 2017), simultaneous with the issuance of the Mortgage Modification or Date Down 2 endorsements, the Advocus Change of Name Endorsement – Policy (ADV Endorsement Form 2193-POL) must be also be issued to the insured.

Note: The above procedures do not apply if the loan or owner policy was issued using Advocus policy forms.

Posted on: Fri, 11/03/2023 - 12:28pm