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Closing Protection Letter Request

CPL Request
(for properties in all states)

Procedural Updates:

  • 2-22-13 Notice RE: Wisconsin, Michigan, and Iowa Properties | As of March 4, 2013, ATG staff must issue all CPLs for closings on properties in these states. Read more.
  • 11-23-10 Notice RE: Illinois Properties | Per Illinois law, for closings on or after January 1, 2011, ATG will issue Closing Protection Letters to the parties to the transaction if it is closed by ATG or its approved title insurance agent. Read more.
ATG Closing Protection Letter Charges for Common Scenarios
Transaction Type Seller CPL Buyer CPL Lender CPL Borrower CPL
Buy/Sell $50 $25 $25* NA
Refinance NA NA $25 $50
Cash $50 $25 NA NA
*If Lender does not require a title policy, then the Lender's CPL will be $50.