Condominiums and Limited Common Element Parking Spaces

Claims that arise in connection with policies that insured a limited common element (“L.C.E.”) parking space tend to be caused by errors on the parking space designation on the declaration or plat. ATG Underwriting Guidelines on Insuring L.C.E. parking spaces addresses how units can be assigned a L.C.E. parking space and what issuing agents should review to determine whether a specific parking space is assigned to the condominium unit. Amendments to the Condominium Declaration can change the parking spot assignments, so it is important not to rely on the assignment provided on the last deed of record. Also, the plat and declaration may have a different numeric designation that what is physically shown on the parking spot, making it important for the owner to verify which spot they are assigned on the plat.

 If there is any question whether a title insurance policy can be used as prior title evidence you may contact the Underwriting Department,

Posted on: Mon, 04/10/2017 - 3:31pm