Cook County - Corrective Recordings Update

Effective Date: 
Tuesday, February 7, 2017 - 12:00pm

To date, the Cook County Recorder of Deeds (CCRD) has accepted previously recorded documents for what has often been referred to as "Re-recordings" in a multitude of ways with no consistent or documented policy for such recordings. The lack of a defined standard has contributed to customer frustration, inconsistent recordings, and a host of other issues that impact the accuracy of the public record. 

In an effort to eliminate all of the aforementioned issues, effective immediately, CCRD NO LONGER accepts "Re-recordings," but instead now offers, "Corrective Recordings" to correct any error of any previously recorded document. 
Use the following process to correct any error of any previously recorded document:

  • Complete and submit a Corrective Recording Affidavit, which MUST include the notarized signature of all listed GRANTORS and GRANTEES included in the originally recorded document. 
  • Accompany the Corrective Recording Affidavit by a Certified Copy of the originally recorded instrument, irrespective of the method in which the original document was recorded (e.g., walk-in, mail recordings, or e-recordings). 

NOTE: Customers may elect to use their own Corrective Recording Affidavit, or the version provided by the CCRD, which is available in hardcopy format in all locations or online via If using a version not provided by the CCRD, the affidavit must include all the necessary criteria (e.g., preparer, explanation, signatures, etc.).

The above referenced policy is required for the Corrective Recording of any and all documents sought to be recorded for a second-time in an effort to correct a mistake---no matter the magnitude of the mistake being corrected. Corrective Recordings that fail to meet the aforementioned criteria will NOT be accepted for recording, and NO EXCEPTIONS will be made. 
For all questions, comments, or concerns regarding the above policy, please contact the Public Information Division, 312.603.5936 or email Thanks in advance for complying with the outlined policy update as the CCRD continues to fulfill its mission of Accuracy, Efficiency and Advocacy. 
ATG received a longer version of the above Customer Notice from the Cook County Recorder of Deeds on February 8, 2017. To view the full text and for more details, please contact the CCRD:

Cook County Recorder of Deeds
Posted on: Thu, 02/09/2017 - 1:51pm