Illinois Initiates Security Features for Drivers' Licenses and State IDs

The State of Illinois has moved to a more secure format for its Driver’s Licenses (DLs) and State ID cards (IDs).

Applicants visiting Driver Services facilities will no longer receive their new DLs or IDs at the end of the application process. Instead, they will leave the facility with a temporary secure paper version, which is valid for 45 days, and their old DLs/IDs with a punch hole in the card. Together these will serve as proof of their license to drive and as identification until they receive their actual card in the mail. See the changes to the card and a step-by-step guide of the new procedure below. For more information, see the cyberdriveillinois article, Driver Services: Driver's License/State ID Card Central Issuance.

Procedural Update

ATTN ATG Member Agents: ATG will require both the temporary secure paper driver’s license and old DL/ID with the punch hole for identification purposes. Please Contact an Underwriter if you have any questions.

Illinois New License/ID procedure chart

Last update: 8-23-16

Posted on: Wed, 08/10/2016 - 4:57pm