New Commitment Forms Now Available in ATG REsource

The new Commitment for Title Insurance forms developed by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) are now available in ATG REsource. REsource will now default to selection of the new Commitment forms on newly opened files. The older Commitment forms, which have been in existence since 2006, were decertified by ALTA December 31, 2017. ATG will start using the new Commitment for files we prepare. 

  • POL16 Commitment Cover (ATG Form #1000: Commitment for Title Insurance)
  • POL16 Commitment Schedule A (ATG Form #1001: ATG Commitment Form - Schedule A)
  • POL16 Commitment Schedule B (ATG Form #1002: ATG Commitment Form - Schedule B)

Look for the following ATG REsource document packages:

  • ATG Pkg Commitment 2016
  • ATG Pkg Commitment 16
  • ATG Pkg Commit 2 Mtgs 2016
  • ATG Pkg Commit 16 2010 Invoice

The new Commitment combines and updates the existing Commitment and the Plain Language Commitment into one, easier to read document. For more information on the new Commitment form and why the ALTA Forms Committee created it see New ALTA Commitment - Clarity, Plain Language, and New Conditions.
Questions about the form? Contact an Underwriter. Questions about ATG REsource? Contact the ATG Software Support Helpdesk or call 888.776.4420. Thank you, we appreciate your business and ongoing support.


Posted on: Tue, 02/13/2018 - 6:18pm