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ATG Real Estate Transfer Ordinances: Mount Prospect


50 S. Emerson St.
Mount Prospect, IL 60056-3266



Amount of Tax:

$3.00/$1,000 (round to nearest $1,000)

Legal Reference:

Mount Prospect Village Code 8.801

Where Stamps Can Be Purchased:

Village Hall (or downtown office)

Special Requirements:

Obtain final water reading; all sums due village must be paid. Copy of PTAX required.

Exempt Stamp Required?

Yes. $15

Penalties for Non-compliance

Deed will not be recorded. Action by village to collect interest and penalties. Lien will be recorded.

Party Liable for Payment:


Effective Date:


Pre-Transfer Inspection Required?



Request for Municipal Transfer Tax Stamp Purchase

The Village of Mount Prospect Finance Department will not issue a Real Estate Transfer Tax Stamp for any property that has an unresolved Compliance Order or Notice of Violation. Since a transfer stamp will not be issued under any circumstances where violations are outstanding, the stamps must be purchased prior to the closing.

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