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ATG Real Estate Transfer Ordinances: Park Ridge


ATTN Finance Department
505 Butler Pl.
Park Ridge, IL 60068-4182



Amount of Tax:

$2.00/$1,000 (round to nearest $1,000)

Legal Reference:

Park Ridge Code of Ordinances 2-18-1

Where Stamps Can Be Purchased:

City Hall

Special Requirements:

Payment of final water bill, applicable real estate transfer tax fee, and all other taxes and fees owed to the City. Submit contact's name, phone, and email, the PTAX-203 or MyDec form, and the final water meter reading (via photo of the meter taken no more than five days before closing date) via mail or email (transferstamp@parkridge.us).

Exempt Stamp Required?

Yes. $25 (visit site for details)

Penalties for Non-compliance

Deed will not be recorded. Not more than $500 fine. 1% per month interest and a penalty of 50% of the tax amount. Lien will be recorded. Fine up to $500.

Party Liable for Payment:


Effective Date:


Pre-Transfer Inspection Required?


Last Update: