Streamline your title agency with ATG's Clerical Assistance Program

ATTN Wisconsin Real Estate Attorneys:

What if You Could Increase Staff without Increasing Payroll?

With additional, experienced people, you could process real estate transactions more efficiently, serve more clients, issue more title policies each year, and increase your income. No more worries about how your practice will suffer when a key employee is on vacation, no slowdown while a new employee learned how things work in your office. Imagine what it could mean to your bottomline to apply those hours to more profitable endeavors.

As an attorney and title agent, anything you do that takes away from title production limits your opportunities. What if there was a way for you to streamline the process and make it more efficient? What if there was no learning curve for new employees or no time taken away from you or your current staff to train them?

ATG Wisconsin Operations has your solution.

What is the Clerical Assistance Program

ATG created the Clerical Assistance Program (CAP) to provide clerical support for Wisconsin real estate attorneys. CAP is a simple way for you to produce the commitments, policies, and related documents for your clients' real estate transactions. No need to hire new or temporary employees who require training and time to produce the level and quality of work you need.

As a CAP user, you perform the duties of the title agent — the core title services for each transaction including title search examination and underwriting determinations — and ATG personnel prepares the title commitment and other documents based on your instructions.

How CAP Supports Your Practice

As a CAP user, you receive the following services to supplement your practice:

  • Streamlined title process;
  • Reduced time spent by your employees on title production;
  • Increased ability to devote more of your day to your law practice; and
  • Alleviated burden of some of the responsibilities for Best Practices compliance.

Who Can Sign up for CAP?

You can take part in CAP if you are a licensed real estate attorney practicing in Wisconsin and an active member agent of ATG.

Not an ATG Member?

Join us! We welcome you to explore what CAP and our other member services can do for you and your real estate business. See Agency Benefits and contact us with questions.

Where to Go from Here

I'm Ready to Sign Up | Contact us, include "Signing Up for CAP" on your subject line, or call us at 262.347.0102.

I Want to Learn How CAP Works | Watch our 24/7 webinar, Introduction to the Clerical Assistance Program.

I Want to Know More about ATG | See Agency Benefits.

Contact us with any questions — we look forward to hearing from you.

[Last update: 3-17-15]