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Offer More and Earn More with CAP Clerical Assistance Program


ATG's Clerical Assistance Program (CAP) allows you to provide title insurance to your real estate clients and get compensated for your efforts, without increasing the clerical burden on your law practice. As a real estate attorney, you review contracts, title commitments, and other documents associated with each transaction. Why not provide the title insurance as well?


Choose your CAP service level: Don't want to complete a title search? We can do that. Too busy to close the loan? ATG's can close it for you. Have a complicated, time-consuming deal? Send the file directly to ATG and our staff will handle it.


It's simple, and ATG supports you every step of the way. After you become an ATG member agent, here's how it works:

  • You (or ATG) complete the title search. If ATG, we organize the search materials and send you the Commitment Preparation Instruction (CPI) worksheet.
  • ATG types the commitment based on your CPI.
  • You examine the commitment.
  • After the closing (handled by you or ATG) you send the marked-up commitment to ATG and order a final search.
  • ATG types the final policy for issuance.Watch your real estate transaction income grow – it's that simple!

Q: Why add CAP to your practice?

A: To earn more income and offer more to clients. Earn a title premium of $738 on the average $250,000 residential sale. See our Profitability Illustration for details. 

Contact Dave Taylor, 262.347.0102, if you have any questions — we look forward to hearing from you!

[Last update: 6-3-20]