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As part of our mission to be the premier lawyer service organization for lawyers and their clients, ATG engages in active lobbying and legislative monitoring to protect lawyers' and consumers' interests (learn more).

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Articles and More on ATG Advocacy Efforts

4-4-18 Call to Action Bulletin - URGENT: Oppose House Bill 5188
2-13-17 March 2017 ATG Trusted Adviser Bulletin - ATG Advocates for Lawyers, Serves Consumers on WGN's Mr. Fix-It Show
9-6-16 Call to Action Bulletin (ATTN ATG Member Agents) - URGENT: Senate Bill 2688 - End Forced Use of Captive Title Agencies
1-31-14 Call to Action Bulletin (ATTN ATG Member Agents) - Submit a Comment to the CFPB - Deadline: February 7, 2014
10-29-12 Call to Action Bulletin - Proposed Changes to RESPA/TILA Disclosures
7-24-12 Call to Action Bulletin - CFPB Releases Closing Disclosure Form: Comments Due No Later than November 6, 2012
6-27-12 June 2012 ATG Trusted Adviser - ATG Advocates in Washington and at Home (see also May 14, 2012, ALTA Advocacy Update)
5-29-11 Call to Action Bulletin - ATG EMERGENCY Call to Action | We Need Your Help This Memorial Day Weekend -- Contact Representatives Now
5-10-11 Call to Action Bulletin - Support House Bill 1293 - Second Notice
5-2-11 Call to Action Bulletin - House Bill 1293 - Keep Counties Open to Private Sales (Letter sent early May 2011)
8-24-10 article: ATG Pushes For Passage Of Auction Sale Legislation
8-23-10 REO Insider article: Illinois title company says HB 5055 would streamline foreclosures
4-27-10 Urge Lawmakers to Oppose the Current HB 5409 - Update
Sample Letter (Word version)
4-15-10 Call to Action E-Bulletin - Urge Lawmakers to Oppose the Current HB 5409
3-22-10 Crain's Chicago Business: Title Fighter Defends Auction Turf
12-17-09 Call to Action E-Bulletin - Victory! JCAR Passes Bifurcation Rule
12-8-09 Call to Action E-Bulletin - Urge Illinois Legislators to Support the Proposed Informed Bifurcation Rule
8-3-09 Call to Action E-Bulletin - Ask Your Senators to Support HR 1728