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July 2018 | Volume 11 · Number 5


A Fond Farewell

2018 Retirees group photo banner.

ATG is unusual among most businesses in that we have a very long-term and loyal employee base. In 2018, we celebrated 39 employees who have been with us for 20 years or longer. Of those, many have served 30, 35, even 44 years!

Now in our 54th year, the era of retirements has begun. We have said goodbye to a few key employees over the last few years, and in 2018 there are several more. We honored them at a retirement party on May 22, 2018, at Prime Provisions in Chicago. Guests of honor invited their spouses and family members, a few co-workers, and direct reports. We thank them for their service and wish them all the very best of luck.

Joan Egan-Halpin
Years of Employment: 28
Joan started with ATG in 1990 as a part-time Quality Assurance Representative. She quickly advanced to the position of QA Manager, then Manager of the RESPA and Closing Services Departments. Joan and her peers and family members—a few of Joan's sisters and adult kids worked at ATG, too!—helped get us through some of ATG's most hectic and triumphant days as closing volume exploded, technology evolved, and procedures changed at a rapid pace. For the last half of her tenure with ATG, she served as the Administrator of the Oak Lawn office. Joan retired in April.

John G. O’Brien
Years of Employment: 6
John's history with ATG is long and varied. He became ATG agent in 1984 and was among our most active. He was elected to our Board of Directors in 2002 where he served ten years before transitioning into the role of Vice President and Counsel to the President in 2012. Few can rival John's breadth of experience and knowledge of the transactional lawyer. He ran a successful law practice for forty years and his career highlights include founding and chairing of the Illinois Real Estate Lawyers Association (IRELA); serving as president of the Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA); serving on many committees and other bar association leadership roles; many media appearances; and lecturing for the ISBA, ABA, and numerous bar associations throughout the state. Read John's bio. John retired in June but remains available to ATG on a part-time basis for special projects.

Mona L. Stevens
Years of Employment: 44
Mona has been ATG's most senior employee for an entire era. She joined ATG in 1974 as an Administrative Assistant---several years before that phrase was even coined---joining a staff of eight in the brand new Champaign office. Duties varied. Several years later as services became departmentalized and the staff grew, she was promoted to Manager of Corporate Services. Mona was in that role for 11 years during a period of explosive growth and numerous changes at ATG. She was later promoted to Personnel Services (now Human Resources) Manager, later Senior Manager, then Vice President of ATG Human Resources. Read Mona's bio and see our write-up from the ATG Double Decade Celebration. Mona retires at the end of July.

Diane Sullivan
Years of Employment: 7
Diane joined ATG in 2011 as a Representative in the ATG Closer Administration Department where she assisted independent closers, member closers, and member agents on a daily basis. She had a great working relationship with everyone and was always willing to help. Prior to joining the ATG staff, Diane was a closer for more than 20 years and worked on the Pierce & Associates REO project. Diane retired in May. 

John O'Brien, Joan Egan-Halpin, Mona Stevens, and Diane Sullivan at retirement party
ATG held a May luncheon for its retirees at Prime Provisions. From left: John O'Brien, Joan Egan-Halpin, Mona Stevens, and Diane Sullivan.
John O'Brian and his wife, Karen, at retirement party
John O'Brian and his wife, Karen, at retirement party.

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