The Trusted Adviser
April 2016 | Volume 9 · Number 4


ATG's 34th Annual Law Student Seminar

Navigating an Illinois Real Estate Transaction
The Stuart H. Wolf Program for Law Students and New Attorneys
April 9, 2016 | Chicago-Kent College of Law

The 34th annual law student seminar in Chicago was a big success, with 100+ law students and new attorneys in attendance. We thank our friends at Chicago-Kent Illinois Institute of Technology and all our speakers:

Several members of the ATG staff greet the 100+ law students and new attorneys who attended the program. From left to right: Kathy Xiahou – Underwriting Attorney; Karen Jerwood – Commercial Department; Paul Freske – Senior Account Manager; Allison Malzone – Senior Account Manager; Steven Walker – Law Clerk; Michael Brandt – Vice President.

During his presentation on Closing Documents, ATG member attorney Dave Schlueter (Itasca, Illinois) awarded a pair of Cubs tickets to the law student with the most interesting question.

ATG member attorney Ralph Schumann (Schaumburg, Illinois) discusses the Standard Preprinted Real Estate Contract. Ralph is also president of the Illinois Real Estate Lawyers Association.  

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