The Trusted Adviser
October 2017 | Volume 10 · Number 7

ALTA Launches National Title and Settlement Agent Registry

by Jerry T. Gorman, ATG Senior Vice President - Downstate Operations

Jerry T. Gorman photoThe American Land Title Association (ALTA) recently announced the opening of the ALTA Title and Settlement Agent Registry – a national online "phone book" for all title agents and underwriters. The Registry is designed to be a public source primarily used by mortgage lenders to confirm the identity and contact information for title agents and underwriters throughout the country with whom lenders will be coordinating closing services. You can find out more about the Registry and the registration process through ALTA's website and instructive YouTube videos.

ALTA Registry Videos screenshot and link

“Much like if you look up someone’s number in a phone book, the national ALTA Registry is a snapshot of useful information for the real estate industry,” said Michelle Korsmo, ALTA's chief executive officer. In this day of digital access, it is also hoped that real estate buyers and sellers will also use the Registry to shop for a title agent.

As the national trade association for the land title insurance industry, ALTA is perfectly positioned to develop and maintain this industry utility. When you register, ALTA offers a unique 7-digit identifier, the ALTA ID, which is automatically assigned to each new database record as a permanent ID number and is never changed, reassigned, or reused. ALTA ID numbers are available to title underwriters, their branch locations, and title agents. ATG has already completed the registration process as an underwriter and for all its branch locations.

ATG Agents:

Your next step will be to register as Title Agents of ATG on the Registry. Watch your email. In the next few weeks, ATG will provide more information and instructions on the registration process. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. As always, we appreciate your business and ongoing support.

[Last update: 10-19-17]

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