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May - June 2017 | Volume 1 · Number 4


ATG Celebrates Long-Term Employees

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Each May, ATG honors employees with 20+ years of service. This year’s event was an elegant lunch at one of Chicago's most famous restaurants, Everest! Congratulations to our 2017 Double Decade Inductees:

  • Isabel Escotto, Search, Chicago;
  • Yolanda McMullen, Training and Procedures, Champaign; and
  • Ed Sudlow, Corporate Communications, Champaign.


Thirty-nine people have been with ATG for 20-years or more:


Name Years of
  Name Years of
Allfrey, Sandra A. 34   Leibas, Rebeca 21
Birnbaum, Peter J. 36   McCarthy, Mary Beth 31
Butera, August R. 31   McLane, Susan J. 27
Cazeau, Kimberly A. 22   McMullen, Yolanda S. 20
Cornell, Judith L. 31   Miely, Gregory J. 30
Egan-Halpin, Joan T. 27   Moore, Michael 25
Escotto, Isabel F. 20   O'Brien, Kelly A. 29
Fudoli, Gloria A. 30   Oldham, Elaine C. 27
Fuller, Barbara E. 30   Ray, Lori A. 32
Gallagher, Lori L. 32   Rivas, Robert X. 21
Golesteanu, Joanne V. 29   Sadler, Jan L. 30
Gorman, Jerry T. 35   Shaw, Susan R. 31
Grazioli, Gail M. 23   Shulruff, Henry L. 30
Hammond, Eric M. 26   Stevens, Mona L. 43
Hasselgren, Dean A. 31   Stori, Tania M.S. 21
Hildenbrand, Michelle M. 29   Sudlow, Edward E. 20
Howard, Charlie B. 30   Vallone, Nancy R. 25
Karcher, Mindy D. 22   Wagner, Shirley A. 26
Koss, Donna M. 30   Wittrock, Laura H. 32
Krumtinger, Anna L. 32  

A total of 1101 years of service — congratulations to all!


ATG Double Decade attendees
Double Decade employees and ATG officers enjoyed an elegant lunch at Everest.
ATG Double Decade Yolanda McMullen and Mona Stevens
Yolanda McMullen, one of three new Double Decade inductees in 2017, shares a laugh with the  ATG employee who has the most seniority---Mona Stevens. 
ATG Double Decade Tania Stori, Susan McLane, Mary Beth McCarthy, Jerry Gorman, Hank Shulruff, Ed Sudlow, and Darryl Schroeder
Tania Stori, Susan McLane, Mary Beth McCarthy, Jerry Gorman, Hank Shulruff, new inductee, Ed Sudlow. 
ATG Double Decade Hank Shulruff and Mary Beth McCarthy
A selfie from forty-floors up (Hank Shulruff and Mary Beth McCarthy).
From Everest, ATG employees enjoyed a panoramic view of the city that included the Adler Planetarium, Lake Michigan, and the site of a new development in the heart of Chicago.
ATG Double Decade view from Everest restaurant

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