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February-March 2018 | Volume 11 · Number 2


ATG LegalServe Partners with File & ServeXpress to Provide Illinois Filers with End-to-End Process Service and E-filing Solutions

Effective January 1, 2018, Illinois Requires Electronic Filing of All Court Cases

E-filing is already in place in most Illinois counties, with the rest joining them soon. The partnership between industry leaders ATG LegalServe and File & ServeXpress means more efficiency and cost savings for law firms and courts. Illinois filers can now access both the process services of ATG LegalServe (a subsidiary of ATG) and the electronic filing service (File & Serve Illinois) of File & ServeXpress, which are connected seamlessly through either company's website.

Look for the File & ServeXpress logo in the Services section of the ATG LegalServe website:

"We are excited about our partnership with File & ServeXpress," said Kelly Kienzle, President and CEO of ATG LegalServe, a subsidiary of Attorneys' Title Guaranty Fund, Inc. (ATG®), which provides full-service litigation support to lawyers and law firms throughout Chicago and beyond. "File & ServeXpress' national reputation for innovation and customer service fits perfectly into the mission of our ATG family of companies. Together, we will be the leading solution for law firms filing suit and serving process in Illinois."

Through their aligned services, in the File & Serve Illinois portal or the ATG LegalServe website, a law firm can increase productivity as well as enjoy significant cost and time savings, all of which equate to a competitive advantage for the firm.

Tammy Carter, CEO of File & ServeXpress, further added, "There is an absolute synergy between our organizations that offers law firm an optimal file and serve experience. I am confident of our combined delivery capability as both companies have customer experience and client commitment as their top priorities. Given our respective markets, we add substantial value to our law firms' operations that supports their growth and streamlines their efficiency."

About the Partners

ATG LegalServe is a licensed private detective agency providing process service and skip tracing to lawyers nationwide. Serving litigation documents accurately and on-time is essential to the legal process. ATG LegalServe also provides skip tracing and courthouse-related assignments. Service is fast, accurate, and—due to the depth of extensive experience—intuitive. ATG LegalServe staff has a combined experience of more than 40 years and prides itself on attention to detail. ATG LegalServe represents its clients in the field and pledges to uphold their professional business image. ATG LegalServe is a subsidiary of Attorneys' Title Guaranty Fund, Inc. (ATG).

File & ServeXpress is the largest provider of services and technology focused exclusively on the eFiling and eService needs of law firms and courts in the United States. File & ServeXpress has 25 years of experience and ensures attorneys and courts have all the tools they need to simplify the litigation workflow for the entire lifecycle of their cases. The File & ServeXpress solutions support all roles in the firm from managing partners to paralegals. The company also maintains almost 80 million documents, files and serves into 1,300 courts, and supports a user base of 190,000 users across 30 states and the District of Columbia. File & ServeXpress saves clients significant time and resources by offering monthly invoicing to streamline payment, client billing, and budgeting processes. File & ServeXpress pays all fees upfront and invoices the customer later. Also, by providing client matter numbers, a law firm benefits from easy reconciliation and timely cost recovery.

[Last update: 1-23-18]

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