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September 2017 | Volume 1 · Number 6


ATG President a Contender for Mercy's Sake

Peter Birnbaum, Punching Bag, Paul Langer photo

Mercy Home hosts its 26th annual Ringside for Mercy’s Sake charity event on October 14, 2017, at the Chicago Marriott. Over the past 26 years, Ringside has generated resources that have contributed to the organization's biggest growth period in its 130-year history. ATG is honored to be a part of it, and as usual—ATG President Peter Birnbaum is leading the way.

Ringside for Mercy's Sake is one of the biggest charitable events in Chicago. At the heart of this multi-faceted evening are nine live amateur boxing bouts between employees of companies in the financial, real estate, legal profession, and other industries, inside a full-size ring set in the middle of the Chicago Marriott's Grand Ballroom, and surrounded by more than 1,000 cheering guests. One of those bouts will be between our own Peter Birnbaum (his first) and attorney Paul L. Langer (his third) of Quarles & Brady LLP, Chicago. 

About his decision to support the cause financially and also through his participation, Birnbaum said, "ATG stalwart Ernie Codilis introduced us to Mercy Home several years ago. Mercy Home is a citadel protecting and keeping safe some of the most vulnerable children in Chicago. Supporting Mercy Home helps me pursue my personal mission to protect children and is in keeping with ATG's mission to support our community by helping those most in need. Having turned 60 this year, I wanted to do something outside my comfort zone. By squaring-off against Paul Langer, a cagey veteran boxer, a true gentleman, and an outstanding trial lawyer we will (hopefully) give the crowd a good fight and raise significant money for a charity we both love." Birnbaum has been boxing for several years and training at Mercy since March, including sparring with various partners.

Mercy Home for Boys & Girls is sustained 100% by private funding.Through the efforts and care of this organization, they have broken the cycle of neglect and abuse for more than 30,000 kids since 1887. Through a safe environment, trained staff, and custom programming, Mercy Home helps kids builds the confidence and skills they need to have successful futures. From the President and CEO of Mercy Home, Father Scott Donahue, "Because of you, we are able to bring light and hope to the children entrusted to our care. These children have seen some very dark moments in their lives.... Because of you, we are able to give them a bright future."

Read more about Mercy Home or about Ringside for Mercy’s Sake, including ways to support the cause, attend the Ringside event, and support Peter. Many thanks to our longtime friends at the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin and Law Bulletin Media for the use of the photographs by Rashel Gordin. Read the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin article, Lawyers face off for Mercy Home, posted here with permission from Law Bulletin Media, Chicago.

Peter J. Birnbaum and Paul L. Langer will face each other for three one-minute rounds at the 26th annual Ringside for Mercy’s Sake charity event to benefit Mercy Home. The event is October 14, 2017, in the Grand Ballroom of the Chicago Marriott on Michigan Avenue. Photo by Rashel Gordin

Langer and Birnbaum were trading punches and practicing for their upcoming match up at the 26th annual Ringside for Mercy’s Sake charity event to benefit Mercy Home. Photo by Rashel Gordin

Photos by Rashel Gordin, Real Art Production.

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