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November 2020 | Volume 13 · Number 8

ATG Simplifies the Process: Closing Protection Letters Made Easy

For ATG Agents, Lenders, and Clients

Deborah Frank Feinen photoATG offers a new, easy way to generate a Closing Protection Letter (CPL) in a few simple steps. Most fields auto-populate from the title insurance commitment, you can access it anywhere, and it's easy to make changes or order extra copies.

What's the best way to create a CPL? It depends who you are and how you interact with us:

  • ATG attorney agents, lenders, buyers, and sellers: Visit
  • ATG attorney agents using REsource: Click Request CPL in the Utilities tab. Or, visit
  • ATG attorney agents using ATG GO: Select CPL from inside the app.

See details below, and watch our CPL video for tips.

As real estate professionals, we all place high priority on satisfying lender requirments and preserving buyers' and sellers' peace of mind through every stage of the transaction. Issuing Closing Protection Letters in a timely, efficient manner is an important step in that process and another way we show our commitment to customer care.

Check out the information below to see how it works, or visit if you just want to jump in and give it a try! We think it's intuitive—you'll need your ATG Commitment or File Number—but if you need assistance, we're here for you. We'd love to hear what you think, so feel free to contact us with your feedback. We appreciate your continued support.  

CPL program on monitor image

Deborah Frank Feinen
ATG Vice President - Downstate Operations

How to Create a CPL

REsource/Paperless Closer Users

  1. When the Commitment for your transaction is complete, go to our CPL website,
  2. Enter the Commitment or File Number and click Search.
  3. Check boxes to make selections.
  4. Click Generate CPLs and download PDF.

ATG GO Users

Instantly order CPLs in ATG GO.

Other Title Production Software Users

  1. Go to our CPL website,
  2. Click Non-ResWare/REsource CPL.
  3. Enter the requested information.
  4. Click Generate CPLs and download PDF.

How to Update a CPL

  1. Go to our CPL website,
  2. Enter the Commitment or File Number and click Search.
  3. Scroll to Request Changes, and complete the appropriate fields.
  4. Click Send Request. ATG will process the request and send you an email notice with a copy of the updated CPL.

Questions? See Closing Protection Letter FAQs or contact a CPL Representative.

[Last update: 11-24-20]

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