November 2009 | Volume 2 • Number 9
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Update from ATG Administration
RESPA Changes, Good Funds, and More
The New Year will start off with crazy parties, lots of football, and a true rash of new closing and disclosure procedures likely to cause lingering hangovers for real estate practitioners and title agents. To help you get ready for this real estate revolution, ATG has compiled a wide array of information, articles, web pages, presentations, and other guidance and is featuring it on our website, Look for this box on the opening screen, then click the link to view the information (or click image below):
Underwriting Hot Topics: Guide to New Closing Information and ProceduresDaunting as they may seem, ATG will help you prepare for all the changes that begin with the new year... read more

Continue to check the Hot Topics! box and Guide to New Closing Information and Procedures areas of the website as we will continue to update and enhance the information as it becomes available. Please contact our Underwriting Department with any questions or concerns. Thank you.

Jerry T. Gorman
Senior Vice President, Downstate Operations




ATTORNEYS | Practice Notes
New Web-Based System Replaces Illinois Transfer Declaration Forms for Cook County Property - EZ Dec is a website where attorneys, title companies and individuals can file a Real Property Transfer Tax Declaration or Revenue Declaration (Declaration) online. The Declaration replaces the Chicago/Cook County/State of Illinois transfer declaration and will begin in November for properties located within Cook County... read more
Decedents' Estates
Jaason v Sullivan | The filing of a complaint within three months after the notice to creditors has been issued and sent will be held valid and not time-barred from filing... read more
Misrepresentation; Vendor and Purchaser
Dickerson v Strand | Where purchasers had information from an inspection, they did not have a right to rely on representations by a vendor... read more
Vendor and Purchaser
Ash Park LLC v Alexander & Bishop, Ltd | When the buyer defaults on a purchase contract, the seller can be granted specific performance and an interest award based on the sale price... read more
Vendor and Purchaser
Stewart Title Guaranty Co v R E Title Services, LLC | Title search company did not breach contract with title insurance company when its search of the tract index did not find wrongly indexed mortgage... read more




ATG MEMBERS | Underwriters' Bulletin
This section provides updated procedural and underwriting information. If you keep hard copies of our Member Handbooks in your office, print this information for insertion.

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Power of Attorney: Solutions to Three Problems with Powers of Attorney | A power of attorney is used in many transactions. Usually the power of attorney form is filled out properly and is used without any problem. However, from time to time, ATG has had problems with some aspects of a transaction that involved a power of attorney... read more



IN THE NEWS | "Fix My Mortgage" Peoria; ATG Board Member Retires; Member Firm Celebrates 100 Years
"Fix My Mortgage" Event for Central Illinois Homeowners
ATTORNEYS | Are you willing to donate a Saturday to help Central Illinois homeowners stay in their homes?... read more/volunteer now
HOMEOWNERS | Are you underwater with your mortgage, afraid of facing foreclosure, or already behind in your payments? Attend ATG's next workshop for distressed homeowners Saturday, November 21 in Peoria, Illinois... read more
ATG Board Member Jim Elson Retires, Directs Donation to American Red Cross
James J. Elson (retired ATG Board Member, former Chairman) of Canton, Illinois, has done many things for his community in his lifetime. Recently he helped preserve a little piece of American history.

The local home for the Fulton-Schuyler County Chapter of the American Red Cross, constructed as a family home shortly after WWII, needed substantial repair after a spring storm destroyed its roof and portions of the interior. Elson allocated what would have been a $1,500 retirement gift from Attorneys' Title Guaranty Fund, Inc. (ATG) toward the repair costs... read more

From left: Mary Beth McCarthy (ATG); James Elson; Nancy Bentley (Director, American Red Cross, Fulton-Schuyler County); and Jerry Gorman (ATG).
Member Firm Celebrates 100 Years
Long-time ATG member firm Herbolsheimer, Lannon, Henson, Duncan, and Reagan, P.C., of LaSalle, Illinois, celebrates its 100th anniversary this month. This firm has been an active ATG member since 1975 — ATG sends its heartfelt congratulations to the lawyers and staff!



WHAT'S NEW | Member Services, CLE, Trust Services
  Re-Activate your ATG Membership - Has it been a while since you issued a policy? Are you ready to get started again? It's easy, and we can help. Make a small investment of time, start writing policies again, and add to your bottom line. Contact Member Services Representative Bob Dillow today!
Legal Ed Logo Sml Live Fall CLE Programs - See details. NOTE: You must login to buy seminars online... read more

11/18: New Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct | OnLine
12/2: Legislative and Caselaw Updates | OnLine

  Land Trust Services - Holding title in land trusts makes important benefits available to every owner of real estate, whether it's residential, commercial, or investment property. Offer these advantages to your clients through ATG Trust... read more



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