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September 2014 | Volume 7 · Number 8


ATG's A Day at the Game a Huge Success

Celebrating 50 Years with an Old Favorite

Tailgate photoATG's Illini tailgate, "A Day at the Game" was a nostalgic homecoming for longtime ATG supporters, a spirited pregame party for newcomers, and a festive gathering for all. ATG hosted more than 400 guests on a beautiful Saturday morning in the shadow of U of I's Memorial Stadium. The crowd enjoyed brunch, libations, and the bright sounds of the U of I Steel Drum Band.

The Illini game against the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers ended with a win for the Illini, and the crowd enjoyed several marching bands during the "Band Day" halftime show. The ATG tent was festooned with 50-year anniversary banners and posters paying tribute to founders, the ATG board and leadership (past and present), and long-term staff.

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Harts, Susan, Peter at ATG 50th Tailgate
(#4861) In the foreground is Carolyn Hart, guest of Richard Hart, ATG Founder and Director Emeritus, second from right. At left is their son, Murphy Hart, ATG Board Member, all from Benton. Second from left is Susan McLane, ATG Board Liaison, Champaign; far right is Peter Birnbaum, ATG President, Chicago.

Diana and Ward McDonald at ATG 50th Tailgate
(#4742) Diana and Ward McDonald, ATG Chairman, Champaign.

Displaying yesteryear’s ATG Illini Tailgate gear are Jim and Nancy Elson with Mary Satter at ATG 50th Tailgate
(#4809) Displaying vintage ATG Illini Tailgate gear are Jim (Director Emeritus) and Nancy Elson, Canton; and Mary Satter, Chicago.

Ralph Schuman and family at ATG 50th Tailgate
(#4808) David and Julia Stickel, Champaign; Ana and Ralph Schumann, ATG member, Schaumburg.
Rex Brown and family at ATG 50th Tailgate
(#4800) Members of the Brown family from Decatur. In the back row is Brad Brown; in the front row are Marilyn, Braden, Cayla, and Rex Brown, ATG member.

Founding Director Jim Elson with ATG Founders Dick Hart and John Satter at ATG 50th Tailgate
(#4707) Founding Director Jim Elson of Canton with ATG Founders Dick Hart of Benton and John Satter of Chicago. ATG thanks these gentlemen for their many years of service and dedication.

U of I Steel Drum Band at ATG 50th Tailgate
(#4738) University of Illinois Steel Drum Band.
Augie Butera and family at ATG 50th Tailgate
(#4746) Augie Butera, ATG Senior VP, and his family: Katie, Tim, Tricia, and Bryan, all from Evergreen Park.

Mona Stevens and family at ATG 50th Tailgate
(#4756) Mona Stevens, ATG VP (center) with son-in-law Chuck Plotner, daughter Katy Plotner, and grandsons Mason and Jaxon Plotner, all from Savoy.
Flynns and O’Briens at ATG 50th Tailgate
(#4835) Second from left is Kelly O'Brien (ATG Event Coordinator) flanked by daughters Shannon and Bridget Flynn, all from LaGrange Park; Sharon and Wally O’Brien, ATG Trust Board Member, Oak Brook.

Three John Satters at ATG 50th Tailgate
(#4772) Three John Satters. In the center is ATG Founder and Director Emeritus John G. Satter, Chicago; at left is his grandson John R., and at right is his son, John C., both from Glencoe.
MJR, McDonalds  at ATG 50th Tailgate
(#4879) Mike Rooney, IICLE Executive Director, Chicago; Diana McDonald, Champaign; Ward McDonald, ATG Chairman, Champaign; and their son Aron McDonald, Busey Bank VP.

Hank, Gloria and Bill Strang, me at ATG 50th Tailgate
(#4784) Hank Shulruff, ATG Senior VP, Gloria and Bill Strang, ATG member, Jerseyville; Mary Beth McCarthy, ATG Senior Manager - Corporate Communications.
Steinmetzes and Austins at ATG 50th Tailgate
(#4814) ATG Board Members and past Chairmen Herb Steinmetz (Aurora) and Bill Austin (Effingham) with their wives Jill Steinmezt and Jane Austin.

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