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June-July 2021 | Volume 14 · Number 5


ATG's Deborah Frank Feinen Elected to ILTA Board of Directors

Congratulations to Deborah Frank Feinen, ATG Vice President - Downstate Operations, who was elected to the Illinois Land Title Association (ILTA) Board of Directors at its 2021 Annual Meeting. Deb brings a wealth of professional experience and insight to the role, including her 25-year law practice where she was a title agent with ATG and more than five years as mayor of Champaign, Illinois (more about Deb).

Deb adds to a decades-long history of ATG attorneys who have served on ILTA boards and committees—Christine Sparks, Augie Butera, Tania Stori, Arden Miner, Tom Cullen (WLTA), and Michael Brandt, to name a few—including some who served as president or other officers. From our founding in 1964, ATG has maintained its commitment to serving the legal profession and the title industry, actively working with ILTA, ALTA (American Land Title Association), county and state bar associations, and other groups for the advancement of our mutual interests and to protect the public we serve.

ILTA is a statewide organization focused on providing professional level education and government advocacy to companies in the business of insuring titles to real estate. ILTA provides services and industry networking that expands its members' standing within the real estate community, while helping consumers with one of the most important purchases of their lives.

Once again, congratulations, Deb!

Deb Feinen with ILTA sign
ATG Vice President Deborah Frank Feinen at the July 7-9, 2021, ILTA Annual Meeting in Chicago.
Deb Feinen and Christine Sparks on Agriculture River Tour
Enjoying an ILTA event are Deborah Frank Feinen with Christine Sparks, ATG Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, former ILTA board member.

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