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December 2018 | Volume 11 · Number 10


ATG's Pre-Holiday Step Challenge

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Walking is wonderfully simple and beneficial. It supports heart health, slows the mental decline associated with aging, and can help us lose weight. Who doesn’t want more of those benefits?

As we head into the foodiest holiday season of the year, the staff at ATG took on its first-ever Step Challenge. Nineteen teams of four, with pedometers in hand (or on wrist or on belt), set out to count our steps starting November 5th and reporting totals every week through the Thanksgiving holiday weekend:

  • In our first week, our teams walked more than 2,300 miles!
  • In the second week, our teams walked almost 2,500 miles — 126 miles more than the previous week!
  • In the third and final week, our teams didn't let celebrations stop them. They once again "traveled" nearly 2,500 miles.


Steps Taken:
11/5-11 11/12-19 11/19-25 CHALLENGE TOTAL
 4,674,821   4,951,517   4,923,240   14,549,578 

From start to finish, ATG staff walked 7,274 miles! That's the equivalent of walking from Augusta, Maine, to Long Beach, California, and back to Augusta, with just enough mileage left to return to Champaign.

[Last update: 11-29-18]

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