The Trusted Adviser
May 2012 | Volume 5 · Number 3

Check Out Our New Website

And We'll Give You CLE Just for Stopping By

Hank Shulruff photoATG recently introduced a new and greatly improved website. We hope you like it…because we built it for you.

And for a limited time, lawyers and staff can take any of our exceptional continuing legal education (CLE) programs…FREE! Visit, if you are not already an ATG member, click "Become a Registered Site User" and complete the online form. (ATG members, use your existing login and password.) Then browse the ATG Legal Education program calendar for our selection of high quality live and OnDemand programs. Complimentary CLE—a great value, and perfect timing for those whose reporting period ends June 30.

Designed with simplifying the member's experience as our top priority, the site is the result of a thorough analysis of years of usage data and suggestions from ATG members. It is built to be truly "Member Centric." Sure, it's pretty. But it is much more. It is a resource that you can use regularly; full of useful, easy-to-find tools, some old and some new, that will make your office more efficient. The new is one more example of how ATG is Making Good Lawyers Better.

New Features—Sign in First!

The new site has all the most popular features from the old site, plus some new and very useful features. Many areas of the site are for ATG members only, so if you're a member or an employee in an ATG member's office, sign in with the same username and password you used on the old site. Password or login trouble? Contact us.

If you are a non-member lawyer, realtor, lender, or just interested in what we have to offer, click Become a Registered Site User and set yourself up. This is especially beneficial for non-members who wish to take ATG Legal Education programs — especially now, while they're free!

Our top features are displayed on the home page, one-click away. Check out the most exciting new features:

Calendar and Site User ButtonsATG CALENDAR | Displays ATG Legal Education programs, important regulatory and procedural dates and deadlines that have been designated as "Hot Topics," ATG social events, and more. The ATG Calendar has a filter setting in the upper right corner, allowing you to view only the events you desire. The calendar is also interactive: Select, view, and register for various programs and events, or click a Hot Topic listing for complete information—straight from the calendar.

BECOME A REGISTERED SITE USER | ATG members automatically have logins and passwords and have access to special content and pricing. Associates and employees of ATG members, non-member attorneys, and other friends of ATG are welcome and encouraged to become registered site users to access ATG Legal Education programs and receive updates from ATG by signing up to receive our e-newsletters.

Your Closing podYOUR CLOSING | Provides members and their clients real-time information on scheduled closings. Member and clients can access the ATG system to verify closing time and location, get a map to the closing location, check a bottomline figure, and preview and print the completed HUD-1.

Home Page Navigation: Old Favorites, New Features

Start an Order podSTART AN ORDER | The site is designed to help you find what you need fast. Links to the most popular features can all be found right right here—just one click away. Organized for the practicing ATG attorney agent, you will find the home page is organized in the chronological order of a transaction. The tools you will need to begin a transaction are in the most prominent spot on your left. In the green, Start an Order pod, you can order a title search, look up a prior policy, or go straight to placing an order by connecting to Paperless Closer.

Tools/Pubs podTOOLS AND PUBLICATIONS | The center pod, Tools and Publications, contains the tools you need to complete that order. Our robust Underwriting Assistance section, one of the most widely expanded areas of the new site, contains a new feature, Underwriting News — a chronological listing of important posts direct from our underwriting staff, plus the most relevant items from our publications. It also contains a Topical Index and our comprehensive Forms Library.

Arranged alphabetically for ease of use, you will find most of the forms you will need to get to the closing table. We update it regularly, but if you don't find something, let us know, we'll help you find it or add it. Our expanded Underwriting Assistance section also allows signed-in members to email underwriting questions straight to the Underwriting Department. Other useful features in Tools and Publications include direct access to our Short Sale Package, information on rates, and an archive of ATG publications.

Subsidiaries podSUBSIDIARIES | A dynamic law practice requires many of the services ATG offers through its subsidiary companies. The Subsidiaries pod links to each of ATG's subsidiaries. Be sure to view our new ATG Legal Education section; browsing and viewing CLE programs is simpler than ever before. Using the new Program Catalog, users can find programs by name, type, or date. Once registered, notify your colleagues by posting to your favorite social media site. And for a limited time, just for being a registered site user, you can get free CLE! From now until June 30, 2012, all ATG CLE is free to Registered Site Users. Visit, click Become a Registered Site User, look around, and register for free, high-quality continuing legal education programming. Learn about the rest of ATG's subsidiaries, especially the newest member of the ATG family of companies, Auctions by ATG, by clicking each link.

Hot Topics podHOT TOPICS | We have a lot to say. And many of the most important and timely issues will be found in the Hot Topics section, located in the lower left corner of the site. When you see a Hot Topic that interests you, click "Read More" to view the full text of the article. Hot Topics that have dates or deadlines associated with them also appear on the ATG Calendar.

Now that you've read about it, check it out at and take advantage of our limited-time free CLE offer! Click the Sign In button at the top of the screen.

Thanks for visiting — we hope you return often. We'd love to hear from you, feel free to contact us.

[Last update: 8-7-12; 5-1-12]