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January 2020 | Volume 13 · Number 1


Financial Strength for 2020 and Beyond

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ATG Reinsurance Program Summary CoverAs the newest member of the American Title Reinsurance Alliance (ATRA), ATG now secures reinsurance coverage through a group of Lloyd's of London syndicates (watch ATG ATRA News). According to A.M. Best, our reinsurance partners have approximately five times more capital than the four leading title insurers combined.

The ATRA arrangement gives ATG the ability to insure transactions up to $500 million with the backing of Lloyd's of London syndicates with more than $10 billion in capital. "On behalf of ATG and its agents and insureds, we are pleased to have established this relationship with the venerable Lloyd's of London," said ATG President and CEO Peter J. Birnbaum. "This alliance strengthens our position, enhances our ability to compete for large value real estate transactions, and allows ATG to provide significant savings to our customers. By maintaining a conservative $1.5 million primary retention on each policy and ceding risks to the syndicates for larger transactions, ATG provides its insureds with unparalleled financial protection."

Demotech, an independent financial analysis firm that has been reviewing and rating title underwriters since 1992, indicates ATRA is a strong benefit to regional insurers, noting Lloyd's of London's long-term record of backing up its promises. Demotech recently affirmed ATG's Financial Stability Rating® (FSR) of A' (A Prime), Unsurpassed. This is the highest rating given to any regional title insurer in the United States, a status ATG has maintained since 1995.

For more information, review our Reinsurance Program Summary and Financial Comparison.


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