The Trusted Adviser
December 2016 | Volume 9 · Number 11


Parking Discount for ATG Agents, Staff, Guests – Get the App!

We recently announced discounted parking at the Washington and Franklin Street Garage, near our Chicago office (see details). Now you can download the iParkit app to make the process easier and more efficient, especially when exiting the garage. Instead of inserting your parking ticket, the rebate ticket, plus a credit card, just open the app and scan the barcode. The discounted price of $16 will be charged to your credit card and you will receive an emailed receipt.

iParkit App Instructions

  1. Join our user group by contacting Lori Gallagher with your name and email address. (NOTE: ATG and subsidiary employees are already on the list.) When you receive email confirmation, begin with Step 2, below.
  2. Download the iParkit App from Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  3. Select SIGN IN from the app menu to Register today.
  4. Create your account with your email address, payment information, and the parking program code ATGF610.
  5. Add the iParkit Express Program.
  6. Scan your program pass at garage entry and exit gates.

Questions? Contact Lori Gallagher.

[Last update: 12-1-16]

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