The Trusted Adviser
January 2017 | Volume 1 · Number 1


Illinois’ 100th General Assembly Swearing-in Ceremony

For decades ATG has been the real estate lawyer's most respected and effective advocate in Springfield and Washington, D.C. Membership in ATG gives you a voice in the issues most important to you. ATG's Peter Birnbaum (center) attended the General Assembly inauguration in January. He is shown here with Aurora Austriaco, ATG agent and board member, Valentine Austriaco & Bueschel P.C., Chicago, and John Cullerton, President of the Illinois Senate. 

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Aurora Austriaco, Valentine Austriaco & Bueschel P.C, Peter Birnbaum, ATG President and CEO; and John Cullerton, President of the Illinois Senate, after the swearing-in ceremony of the 100th Illinois General Assembly in Springfield, Illinois.

[Last update: 1-18-17]

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