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March 2019 | Volume 12 · Number 3


Illinois Bar Foundation's Lawyers Rock Event a Success

ATG took part in the annual spring concert fundraiser held by the Illinois Bar Foundation (IBF), the charitable arm of the Illinois State Bar Association:

Lawyers Rock
Thursday, March 14, 2019
Lincoln Hall | Chicago

The evening included musical performances by seven local bands, whose members are Chicago-area lawyers. ATG sponsored The Thornes, featuring our very own Peter Birnbaum on drums. It was a wonderful night of music and great company.

The proceeds from this event will help the Illinois Bar Foundation ensure access to justice and support juvenile justice causes through the Foundation's M. Denny Hassakis Fund. If you couldn't attend, you can still make a donation.

Lawyers Rock Photo Gallery
Photographer: Bill Richert

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Lawyers Rock photo 159
The Thornes performing at Lawyers Rock...
Lawyers Rock photo 190
...featuring ATG CEO, Peter Birnbaum on drums.
Lawyers Rock photo 176
Thornes fans enjoying the show, Denis Pierce, ATG agent (Chicago) at right.
Lawyers Rock photo 354
Pete Hoste (Leahy and Hoste, Chicago) and Terry Lavin (Appellate Judge, Chicago) present the Fan Favorite award to The Thornes.
Lawyers Rock photo 348
Illlinos Senate President John Cullerton with his wife, Pam Cullerton.
Lawyers Rock photo 360
The Thornes won "Fan Favorite" at the 2019 Lawyers Rock event.
Lawyers Rock photo 339
Second from left is ATG agent Tina Zekich of Orland Park, Ill., with ATG's Chris Burhans (far left), Hank Shulruff, Ryan Murphy, Katy Thomas, and Bill Markoutsas.
Lawyers Rock photo 340
At far right is ATG agent Keith Fenceroy (Chicago) and a guest, along with ATG's Katy Thomas (far left) and Bill Markoutsas.
Lawyers Rock photo 264
The crowd enjoyed a performance by Chicago blues legend Mary Lane. The Illinois Bar Foundation was honored to have Ms. Lane join the event for a second year as a judge.
Lawyers Rock photo 001
The event took place at Chicago's Lincoln Hall.
Lawyers Rock photo

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