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March 2014 | Volume 7 · Number 3


Implementing ALTA Best Practices: As Predicted, Lenders Have Taken Notice

ATG is ahead of the Curve, Will You be Ready?

Christine Sparks photoIn our continuing effort to raise awareness about American Land Title Association (ALTA) Best Practices, we recently sent agents a Procedural Update, Get Ready for Your ATG Audit, which explained changes in the ATG audit process, how we’ve incorporated Best Practices compliance into our routine, and the implementation tools we’ve made available to our agents so you can put procedures in place in your offices. The Procedural Update, along with dozens of other articles and other materials, are archived on our ALTA Best Practices Information Center.

Just a few days later, we received the Wells Fargo newsletter, Settlement Agent Communications in support of Best Practices, urging title agents to adopt them and be ready with the required documentation and procedures. Our contacts at Wells Fargo not only gave us their permission to share the newsletter with our agents, but they asked us specifically to distribute it to our entire network to help spread the word that Wells Fargo supports Best Practices and expects title agents to comply.

ATG Member Agents: We recently held an in-depth program on how to comply with ALTA Best Practices. Our crowd was at-capacity, with a waiting list. Jerry Gorman and I explained the revised Best Practices, our new audit standards, forms, checklists, and procedures ATG has been working on implementing since early 2013. All the information we covered will help you achieve and maintain compliance. If you were unable to attend, look for the OnDemand version; we will be posting it in the coming weeks. We also recommend that you review our Procedural Update, Get Ready for Your ATG Audit, for more information.

As always, we appreciate your business and are here to help. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. 

Christine M. Sparks
ATG Vice President and Managing Attorney, Audit Department

[Last update: 3-10-14]

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