The Trusted Adviser
August-September 2016 | Volume 9 · Number 8


It's Your Serve but It's Our Move

EDITOR'S NOTE: As of August 20, 2021, ATG LegalServe is no longer an ATG subsidiary and has resumed operations under its previous name, It’s Your Serve (IYS). Any outstanding LegalServe orders are being processed by IYS. Learn more at

ATG LegalServe Moving to New Location

ATG LegalServe and It's Your Serve - New address with the same great service

The recently merged ATG LegalServe and It's Your Serve are moving to a new location effective October 3, 2016.

ATG LegalServe
105 West Adams Street, Suite 1350
Chicago, IL 60603-6273

We are doing business as ATG LegalServe and continue to offer litigation support to lawyers and law firms. We look forward to delivering on our shared values: Great service, clear communication, and best-in-class support.

To learn more, please contact Kelly Kienzle (phone: 312.855.0303).

See promotional flyer.

[Last update: 9-23-16]

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