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July-August 2014 | Volume 7 - Number 7

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Update from ATG Administration

Resolving Unclaimed Property in Illinois

What You Should Know about State Treasurer and ARDC Procedures

Christine Sparks photoMany attorneys have real estate trust accounts that have been open for a significant number of years. In the course of business, there are times when a check does not clear and the funds remain in the account. If too much time passes, sometimes the attorneys no longer have the necessary documentation to determine who is entitled to the funds. Then, when attempting to clean-up the escrow account, they contact us asking for guidance on what to do with remaining funds. Read more...

Christine Sparks
ATG Vice President and Managing Attorney, Audit Department

ATG MEMBERS | Underwriters' Bulletin

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ALTA Best Practices

REMINDER: Wire Fraud Warning - Another Email Scam — ATG agent's fast action narrowly averts disaster.

Encrypted Email: Why You Need it and How to Set it Up

Wells Fargo Speaks to New Closing Disclosure — Acquaint yourself with a major lender’s perspective and requirements on implementation of the CFPB Rule and ALTA Best Practices.

Title Tips

ATG Website a Valuable Tool to Answer Member Questions — How to use it as your 24/7 underwriter.

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ATTORNEYS | Practice Notes

Real Estate and Title Insurance News

Reporting Requirements under the Uniform Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act — What you need to know about handling uncashed checks from a closing.



Installment Contracts: City of Decatur v Ballinger (IL) - The term “owner” applies to sellers in installment land sale contracts and they can thus be held liable for demolition costs.


Disclosure: Johnson v Wysocki (IN) - Under Indiana Disclosure Statutes (Ind. Code § 32-21-5), sellers are liable for fraudulent misrepresentations made on disclosure forms when they have actual knowledge that the representations are false at the time they complete the forms.


Mortgage Foreclosure: Tri City Nat Bank v Easley (WI) - If a circuit court exercises reasonable discretion during the confirmation hearing of a foreclosure action, the appellate court will generally side with the lower court’s determinations.

IN THE NEWS | ATG Anniversary Street Banners, Memories, and Photos

50th Anniversary Museum party photoMemories of A Night at the Museum ATG's 50th Anniversary Celebration at the Museum of Science and Industry was an exceptional milestone event. Read all about it and order images.

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50th Anniversary Chicago Loop Banners photoATG Anniversary Banners Adorn Chicago Loop We hope you saw ATG’s 50th Anniversary street banners on our website or in Chicago’s Loop. The "Lawyers at Their Best…" banners were on display on Monroe from Clinton to the River, and on Madison from Clinton to Franklin — including just outside ATG's offices at One South Wacker.

WHAT'S NEW | Trust, CLE, Process, and Auction Services

ATG Trust Company logoGot Trust and Estate Questions? Get answers fast on our FAQ page. At ATG Trust Company, our mission is to bring a full range of trust, estate, and investment services to attorneys and their clients. Need to know more? Contact us — we're here to help.

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ATG Legal Education logoSeptember-October Program Calendar

09.05.2014 ALTA Best Practices Agent Workshop (2.25 MCLE in IL; 2.25 CLE applied for in IN and WI)

09.17.2014 Multi-Board Residential Real Estate Contract 6.0: An Analysis of the Key Changes (1.50 MCLE in IL)

10.01.2014 How to Prepare Commitments and Policies (1.50 MCLE in IL)

10.08.2014 What Every Title Agent Needs to Know about Claims Prevention (1.50 MCLE in IL; 1.50 CLE applied for in IN and WI)

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ATG LegalServe logoFAST AND FLEXIBLE: The Process Server Responsive to Your Needs Get the finest process serving available to lawyers today. Learn what the LegalServe Difference can make in your practice and place your order today! Find us with Google Plus.

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