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October-November 2014 | Volume 7 · Number 9


In Memoriam

Edward C. Moehle - ATG Member, Director, and Friend; December 7, 1925 – September 13, 2014

ATG said goodbye to one of its longtime members, early board members, and good friends — Edward "Ed" Moehle, of Pekin, Illinois. Ed passed on September 13, 2014 at the age of 89.

Ed was connected to ATG since our early days; he became a member in the mid-1960s and served on our board from June 1970 to December 2003. He was Chairman of the Board from 1980 to 1982. Among his many contributions to ATG, his law office was one of the test sites for the first custom software for ATG member attorneys in the mid 1980s, when law office computers were first on the market.

We extend our deepest sympathy to Ed's wife, Carol, and their family: four daughters, Colleen Moehle, Michelle (Thor) Moestue, Valerie Moehle, and Paula (Timothy) Church; five grandsons, and four granddaughters.

Ed had four brothers (all deceased) one of whom was Melvin "Mel" Moehle, Ed's law partner at the firm they founded together in Pekin in 1966, now known as Moehle, Swearingen & Associates. Ed and Carol's daughter Valerie is a partner in the firm, and serves on the ATG Advisory Committee.

"Ed was a real leader, a guiding force at ATG who brought wisdom, vision, and commitment to always doing the right thing. He was a true gentleman, we all remember his kindness, guidance, and leadership." said Peter Birnbaum, ATG President. "We are fortunate to continue to have guidance and input from Val Moehle , and look forward to many more years with her."

Ed was a World War II Army veteran, serving in the Pacific Theater as chief clerk at the headquarters of General Douglas MacArthur, and worked for the International Military Tribunal of the Far East in Tokyo, Japan. He attained the rank of staff sergeant.

Ed graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with his Bachelor of Science degree in business administration and later with his juris doctor degree. He worked as an assistant state's attorney in Tazewell County prior to founding the law firm from which he retired in 2010.

Ed had a long and fulfilling career and was always active within the profession, the community, and his church. He was instrumental in developing the Court Counselor program in Tazewell County, served on the Tazewell Mason Special Education Board for many years, and was a member of the Pekin Board of Education. For more information, see his full obituary (printable version).

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