Nancy Vallone retirement banner.

Enjoy Retirement, Nan!

ATG Bids Farewell to the Leader of Our First Subsidiary

Nancy Vallone, President of The Judicial Sales Corporation (TJSC), retires May 31, 2019.

It is hard to fully convey appreciation for the contribution Nancy has made to our success over the past 27 years.

From literally an idea—with little funding, no staff, and no office space—Nan launched and steered one of the most successful enterprises in our history. Through hard work, vison, leadership, and sheer force of her considerable will, The Judicial Sales Corporation is the leader in its industry. TJSC is the standard by which all other companies in its class are measured. At a recent meeting of the judges of the Chancery Court, the Chief Judge expressed his appreciation for the remarkable impact Nancy has had on the community.

Pamela Murphy is succeeding Nancy as CEO of The Judicial Sales Corporation. Pam is energetic, capable, and has a wealth of experience. Nancy and Pam have been working together to ensure a seamless transition.

Of her career and upcoming retirement, Nancy commented: "I have been blessed with an amazing team—all of whom have a great work ethic and strong loyalty, to not just me, but to this company. The success of TJSC has been a long-term group effort. I could never take the credit for it on my own; I've had great people alongside me every step of the way. I'm grateful to so many in the profession and at ATG, especially Augie Butera and Peter Birnbaum, great mentors and friends. We faced a lot of challenges and broke through many obstacles together over the past 27 years. Special thanks to Barb Fuller who befriended me day one, and the beloved and missed Dennis Norden of ATG Trust, and so many others at TJSC. The current staff and all who came before, they are the backbone of this company. There's no doubt that TJSC will continue to be the leader in this industry with these amazing people and under Pam's direction. I'm grateful to the entire ATG/TJSC family for allowing me, someone who started a career at 19, to climb from the reception desk to the role of President and CEO."

Our deepest gratitude and heartfelt congratulations to you, Nancy! We will miss you, but we wish you the best.

Peter J. Birnbaum
ATG President and Chief Executive Officer

[Last update: 5-29-19]