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July-August 2019 | Volume 12 · Number 7


Leading Lawyers' 2019 Top Ten Residential Real Estate Laywers ListSeven ATG Agents on Leading Lawyers' Top Ten List

Congratulations to all the lawyers who are part of the 2019 Top Ten Residential Real Estate Lawyers list. The list is compiled from data gathered by surveys conducted on behalf of Leading Laywers, the only peer-recommended resource of distinguished lawyers in Illinois.

Among the Top 10 Residential Real Estate Lawyers who are also ATG agents:

  • No. 1 Aurora N. Austriaco, Chicago
  • No. 3 Lloyd E. Gussis, Chicago
  • No. 4 Steven B. Bashaw, Lisle
  • No. 5 John G. O'Brien, Arlington Heights
  • No. 6 Franklin J. Furlett, Schaumburg
  • No. 9 Erica Crohn Minchella, Skokie
  • No. 10 Ralph J. Schumann, Schaumburg

Aurora Austriaco also serves on the ATG Board of Directors, has been an ATG agent for many years, and was part of the ATG legal staff in the 1990s. John O'Brien has been connected to ATG in multiple capacities over 30+ years, most recently as Vice President and Counsel, previously an ATG Board Member, and a longtime ATG agent and IRELA co-founder.John retired from ATG in June 2018 but remains available on a part-time basis for special projects. Longtime ATG agent and friend, Ralph Schumann, is also an IRELA past president. Congratulations to all!

[Last update: 8-5-19]

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