The Trusted Adviser
October-November 2019 | Volume 12 · Number 9


Title Insurance: Law and Practice 2019 Edition

A Comprehensive New IICLE Title about Title Insurance in Illinois and the United States

ATG attorney agents, the latest title from the Illinois Institute of Continuing Legal Education (IICLE) is a must! Title Insurance: Law and Practice 2019 Edition provides a thorough analysis of the most common forms of title evidence used in Illinois and throughout the United States. Content includes an overview of title insurance and the title insurance industry, an in-depth analysis of the title insurance Commitment, ALTA Owner's and Loan Policies, endorsement forms, plus title insurance issues and claims and litigation.

Among the authors, ATG's Jerry Gorman, whose chapter covers the ALTA Owner's Policy and Loan Policy. Also featured is ATG agent Frank Pellegrini, who wrote the title insurance overview and industry update. Learn more and order the book...

[Last update: 10-15-19]

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