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April-May 2018 | Volume 11 · Number 3

Real Estate and Title Insurance News:

Value of Lawyer's Role in Real Estate Transactions

An ATG Agent's Commentary on the Chicago Tribune Article, "Lenders who prey on vets cost us all"

We applaud ATG agent Howard Gopman of suburban Northfield for his recent comment on the February 18, 2018, Chicago Tribune article, "Lenders who prey on vets cost us all," by nationally syndicated real estate columnist, Kenneth Harney. As Howard points out, Mr. Harney does a service to veterans by shedding light on the unscrupulous acts of some lenders and the possibility of legislation against these practices pending on Capitol Hill.

Citing Harney's point about how certain harmful tactics adversely affect veterans and raise interest rates and lending costs for the general population, Gopman notes that Harney should have also encouraged veterans to hire a lawyer to review loan documents and represent them in real estate transactions. Gopman points out that in many states, borrowers are falsely told that they don't need lawyers for their real estate transactions, which we know can be a costly mistake.

Read Howard Gopman's comments.

Our thanks to Howard Gopman for advocating for the valuable role lawyers play in real estate transactions as they protect clients and keep the playing field level.

[Last update: 4-3-18]

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