NOTE RE Transfer Certificate

Current as of February 8, 2011

9-14-05 | The Village Board of the Village of Wheeling recently passed an ordinance requiring all persons selling or transferring real estate in the Village to obtain a Real Estate Transfer Certificate (Transfer Certificate) from the Village. This is an excerpt from the ordinance: No real estate in the Village of Wheeling shall be sold, quit claimed, traded, or otherwise transferred unless it has been determined that the Village's water, sewer, and garbage disposal assessments related to the parcel…have been paid in full as evidenced by a Transfer Certificate issued by the Director of Finance. The ordinance took effect August 1, 2005.

Sellers can obtain an Application for Real Estate Transfer Certificate form from the Village website ( and fax the completed form to the Village of Wheeling Finance Department at 847.459.9692, or mail/hand deliver it to Village Hall, 255 West Dundee Road, Wheeling, Illinois, 60090-4726. The seller must give the Village seven (7) business days' notice before the scheduled closing to allow sufficient time to get a final meter reading and issue the Transfer Certificate. There is more information on the Village of Wheeling website, including a copy of the recorded ordinance as well and a sample of the Transfer Certificate form. If you have any questions, please contact the Village of Wheeling, 847.459.2600.

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