The Trusted Adviser
January-February 2022 | Volume 15 · Number 1


ATG's CEO, an Unconventional Professional

Our Chicago office at One South Wacker brands itself as OSW: Home to the Unconventional Professional. Building management selected ATG President Peter Birnbaum to represent OSW in a recent promotion by the same name. Check out this fun video, featuring great music and images of the new amenities available for tenants:

OSW video featuring Peter Birnbaum

Peter has been a musician for many years and performs with Chicago band, The Thornes, which has competed and won awards in the Illinois Bar Foundation's annual fundraising competition, Lawyers Rock.

Next time you're in the neighborhood, stop in and see us in our new, ground-floor space. ATG agents, schedule your next closing there—parking discounts available.

[Last update: 2-11-22]

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