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April-May 2022 | Volume 15 · Number 3


Pre-Closing Clearance Services

Additional Services for ATG Agents and Homeowners

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ATG is pleased to offer the following expanded pre-closing support services to help “clear the way” so your transactions close smoothly and on time. Applies to transactions in Cook and Collar Counties. 

Services and Fees

Flat $300 Fee: Covers all clearance services per file for a transaction in Cook and Collar Counties (additional vendor costs apply). See individual fees for specific services, below.

Individual Clearance Services and Fees:

Clearance Services Flyer

  • Order Homeowner Association (HOA) documents and Paid Assessment Letters: $75 plus HOA docs and any HOA dues owed
  • Order Sanitary District Letters: $25 plus any balances due
  • Contact surveyor to prepare Plat of Survey: $100 plus cost of survey
  • Purchase transfer stamps for specific cities and villages: $100 plus: any final bill balances due; transfer tax amount, which varies by municipality
  • Order City of Chicago Water and Zoning Certifications:
    • Water Certification Fee: $150 service fee plus City filing fees, certification fees, and balances due
    • Zoning Certification Fee: $100 service fee plus City filing fees

For details, check Pre-Closing Clearance Services or click the image at right.

Make Title Clearance selections when you place a title order using one of these options:

Questions? Please Contact Us (Subject: Title Clearance Questions) or call 312.752.1993.

[Last update: 4-14-22]

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