NOTES RE Transfer Stamp

Current as of November 9, 2015

Special Requirements:

Completed Real Estate Transfer Declaration plus completed MyDec and a plat of survey of the property to be transferred (for Declaration) or the original Deed (for an Exemption). All fees/fines owed to the City will be paid with the transfer stamp.


  1. Real estate transfer stamps are not required for properties which have a Des Plaines mailing address but are located outside the corporate limits of the City of Des Plaines (addresses numerically over 4000 with the exception of 9601 Golf Road). However, the deed must be stamped EXEMPT by the Real Estate Transfer Tax Clerk.
  2. A residential, non-owner occupied (i.e., rented, leased, family or friends living in but not owner, or foreclosed) property requires an inspection prior to issuing the transfer stamp. To start process, submit a $25/unit prepayment along with the name and phone number of a contact who will meet the inspector.
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