2007 Wisconsin Act 133

Legal Corporations

Effective Date: March 21, 2008

Summary of Amendments

The act renumbered Wisconsin Statutes Section 183.0906 as Section 183.0906 (1m) and created Sections 183.0906 (2m) and (3m). Section 2m allows for Limited Liability Companies (LLC) to revoke their dissolution as long as the revocation occurs within 120 days of the effective date of the dissolution. Also, the revocation must be authorized in the same manner as the dissolution was authorized or in conformity with 1m(c).

Section 2m further lists the requirements for revoking dissolution. The requirements are delivery of the company's articles of dissolution and articles of revocation of dissolution to the filing department of Wisconsin. The information in the articles filed with the filing department must include; (1) name of the LLC, (2) the effective date of dissolution being revoked, (3) the date the revocation was authorized, (4) a statement that the revocation was authorized in the same manner as the dissolution.

Section 3m states that the revocation of dissolution made under Section 2m will relate back to the effective date of the dissolution. Therefore, the dissolution will be treated as if it never occurred and the business will return to its normal operations.

Section 183.0906
Bill Number: 
2007 Senate Bill 391
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