Public Law 118-2008 (IN)

Effective Date: July 1, 2008

Summary of Amendment

The act created a new section of code numbered 6-1.1-22-9.7. This new section creates automatic deduction and installment payment options for property taxes. The act authorizes individuals if they so desire to setup automatic deduction of their property taxes from a checking account. The act also authorized the use of monthly installment plans for paying property taxes.

In the case of automatic deductions the act allows the taxpayer to choose when the deduction should be taken from the account. Further, the act specifies that if a taxpayer chooses to pay by monthly installments or deductions in the amount determined by the county treasurer the taxpayer will not be considered delinquent. Also, there will be no penalty for choosing to pay taxes on a monthly installment basis.

IC 6-1.1-22-9.7
Bill Number: 
S.E.A. Bill 208
Public Act or Public Law Number: 
PL 118-2008
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